The Names of the Parts on the Saxophone

One of the important parts of learning to play an instrument is learning all of the names of the parts of the instrument, so when you have a question you can easily explain which part of the instrument you are referring to. This lesson goes over the important parts you need to know the names of parts on the Saxophone.

Key Points:

  1. Top of the instrument
    1. The REED is the most important part of the instrument, it is the small the wood part that makes all of the noise.
    2. The LIGATURE holds the reed in place and can be made of many different materials (brass, leather, etc.)
    3. The MOUTHPIECE is also extremely important, it is the part that the reed and ligature are attached to, and it is where you blow into the horn.
    4. The NECK is the curved part the mouthpiece is attached to.
  2. The BODY refers to the entire rest of the horn
    1. The NECK SCREW provides tension and keeps the neck nice and tight.
    2. The LYRE SCREW is where we can attach a Lyre (miniature music stand for marching band, etc.)

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