Why OnlineBandClass.com?

As a band director, you know how important a musical education is for students of all skill levels and ages. With the future of in-person classes still unknown, OnlineBandClass.com allows you to continue your students’ band programs in a safe and fun manner. OnlineBandClass.com is a valuable resource that can be used for 100% virtual learning or as a helpful assistant for classroom teaching as we make our way back to the band rooms.

We are all in this together, and OnlineBandClass.com is here to partner with Band Directors of all levels (from Pre-Band through Advanced Band) to ensure your students have the resources available to keep learning at home.

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  • OnlineBandClass.com is the ultimate Assistant Band Director
  • Provides the highest quality professional music instruction in one easy to use platform
  • Offers the personal touch that expensive “smart” software is unable to offer
  • Teaches and reinforces fundamentals through professional music teachers

  • Sound, embouchure, posture and finger modeling provided by professional musicians
  • Provides instrument specific instruction on technique, tendencies and style clearly explained by experts


    • Assess/test/ provide feedback to individual students without losing class time

    • Provides the benefits of private lessons and sectionals without losing valuable rehearsal time

    • Save countless hours of instruction time on non musical concepts like proper instrument care and set up, how to use a metronome/ tuner and much more

    • Takes the practice out of rehearsals


      • Provides a full comprehensive band course for all skill levels or can be an excellent supplement to any band program

      • Gives students focused practice routines specific to their instrument and skill level

        • Provides students with a full band accompaniment in the comfort of their own home
        • Creates a fun, safe, and socially distant environment for students to play along with professional musicians


            • Affordable pricing

            • Save thousands of dollars per semester on method books and sheet music

            • Save hundreds of dollars per year on contracted sectionals

            • Membership provides access to all available sheet music, downloads, and training videos, with no additional costs